1. Do you offer Maths and Science classes at the same time or separately?
  2. Will I be billed per hour or afternoon?
  3. Do you drive to my home anywhere in Centurion?
  4. Do you offer classes for private schools as well?
  5. What information should I give the tutor before my first lesson?
  6. How does payment work?


  1. For the lower grades from 1-5 Maths can be offered for 30 mins and Science for the other 30 mins of the session depending on the need. For the higher Grades I suggest 1 full hour for each subject. Only Maths or only Science can also be taken.
  2. R200-R250/hour once per week, depending on the distance travelled and the Grade.
  3. I drive to your home or after-care ( if arranged) within 5km of Doringkloof Centurion.
  4. Yes, I offer the CAPS and IEB syllabus.
  5. The school’s name, textbook used and what topic the learner is busy with. A full address with codes for complexes/estates should also be given.
  6. Payment is either cash upfront or EFT in advance per lesson or per month.